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Cannabis Patient Network Institute (CPNI) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the politically under-represented members of our global family who suffer from illness and do not know about the Endocannabinoid System or understand the use of cannabis as medicine. Find out how you can contribute to a future in which cannabis is restored in our society as a food and medicine available to all people.  Learn how you can support and participate in our educational events, future community research projects, and in other events in your area or online!

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Support FREE Public Education, Community-Based Research Projects and event and activities designed to develop a strong cannabis patient community...Support CPN Institute Today!  Take a Look at our Projects on GoFundMe and Help where you can :)

Locally, nationally and internationally, Cannabis Patient Network Institute is a vocal advocate for the sick and dying.   We travel across the nation to bring education to the children, families and other citizens in need of cannabis therapy and information about its medicinal use.

Support George McMahon's move to Colorado (he lost his Federal Patient status in October 2013 due to his doctors retirement!  He and his wife need your help making Colorado home!  Donate $600 and receive a Federal Compassionate IND Tin.

Help CPNI Help Others!  Those who support CPNI efforts have found personal satisfaction knowing that 100% of donations go directly to CPNI goals and activities--NO salaries or extravagant expenses here!  Free Public Education, Community Events, Patient Coaching, and More!  In 2013 CPNI touched more than 250,000 lives across the nation--help us do more in 2014!

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Meet Our Members

George McMahon

Former Federal IND Patient and author of the book "Prescription Pot"
  • Assisting Medical Cannabis Refugees
  • Providing FREE Public Education
  • Coaching Patients in Need
  • Sharing Information & Resources

Hope in Action


Medical cannabis patient gaining success with seizure control and enjoying being a little boy, just like he should!

Barbara Bunker

Mother of Nova Leigh, cannabis patient and medical cannabis refugee

  • Community Development Events
  • Community Based Research
  • Growing Membership Organization
  • National Reach